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Hey Goal Achiever! 

What if running a business wasn’t so exhausting and time-consuming?

You’re a superhero, and you’ve accomplished so much! You’ve been using all of your superpowers to do everything in your business because that’s what you’ve had to do to get it off the ground and reach this level of success. And you’ve loved it! But all the personal sacrifices you’ve been making are starting to take a toll. Just because you started a business to do one thing, doesn’t mean you have to be the master of all things. You may already be feeling the effects of exhaustion and burnout or you may see them coming down the road if you don’t start doing something different now. Let us relieve some stress, anxiety, and overwhelm by taking time-consuming tasks off your plate.


What if you had a Virtual Assistant you could trust?

Every superhero needs a sidekick! You deserve a devoted, reliable assistant you can trust. As a Goal Achiever with VGAA, you will be matched with a Remote Goals Assistant from our Dream Team who has the skills and personality to support your business goals. We’re dedicated to rescuing small businesses one brand at a time. Our agency is an international Virtual Assistant Agency with Goals Assistants nationwide and equipped with fluent Spanish-speaking assistants for those in need.

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How do we do it?

We understand delegation can be scary, so we've made it simple.

At VGAA, we make delegating easy. Our onboarding process is designed to streamline the delegating process so you can seamlessly onboard your own part-time personal Goals Assistant. This is a customized journey designed specifically for your business to ensure that you receive the greatest return on your investment with VGAA. We identify the gaps in your business, determine the tasks to delegate and work with you to develop the training tools for your own Goals Assistant.

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Prisca Barnes

Founder of Story Time Village; Author of People, Pride, and Promise

"Part of my VGAA experience is that my book, People, Pride and Promise will no longer just be a Kansas secret. My Goals Assistant Stephanie is planning a nationwide book signing tour. You will find us in Boston, Orlando, Denver, DC, New Jersey, ATL, Birmingham, Tuskegee, and Jamaica. We’re partnering with schools, churches, and organizations such as the NAACP."


Are you a business owner looking for grant/funding opportunities?

One of our four core values has always been to serve as a resource for small business owners. We meant what we said - drop your email and gain access to a full list of grant opportunities available to small businesses! 

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