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How To Set Achievable Goals As A Business Owner

Are you having trouble creating goals you want to achieve for your business?

If so, let’s identify how to set achievable goals and take the proper steps to achieve said goals.

You can turn your dreams into reality when you follow the right steps and understand how to create goals in the first place.

We all have goals, but setting them and writing them down are two completely different things. Studies show that the majority of people who make New Year's resolutions fail to achieve their goals in the end. It seems like we’re just not very good at taking action and achieving our goals even when we say we really want to win. But the Virtual Goals Assistant Agency believes that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Goals are important. They keep us focused, motivated and drive our business behaviors. When we reach goals, we feel satisfied and content. Goals should be bold and concrete and would normally require a commitment to achieve. I think we can all agree it’s much easier to stay motivated when we’re reaping the fruits of our labors, right?

There are a few concrete beliefs and practices that the Dream Team takes to ensure each of our delegated tasks, alongside personal goals, and team goals are all met. We each understand the process that goal setting takes, alongside the hard work it takes to execute said goals. Our Agency believes in directly breaking down each goal and assessing it on these 5 different levels to ensure the goal is executed properly.

  1. We ensure each goal is given a deadline, whether provided by our Goal Achievers (even if we have to give ourselves one) it’s absolutely necessary to set a deadline. This will help keep you on track and avoid procrastination. This will also help you complete your first step which is to assess each task and organize them by categories in regards to priority level.

  2. Then we look at the goal as a big picture item and break it down to see how we can achieve said goal in “bite size pieces” - maybe your goal is to start a new skincare routine everyday 3x daily. Start out by saying okay in the first month my goal is to incorporate this routine at least 1x daily, then so on and so on, until you can reach your larger goal consistently. Too much too fast can cause burn out.

  3. Then we assess where in our schedule each bite size goal should be accomplished to achieve the overall big picture goal in a timely manner. Our favorite scheduling practice as a team is to use the “time-blocking” method on our calendars. We dedicated the estimated amount of time to properly handle the task, without over or under completing. Then schedule the proper blocks of time on our schedules for the tasks.

  4. We follow certain Standard Operating Procedures for each goal we are faced with, and we ensure that we never “say yes” to any task when we really want to say no to. For example, our Agency is not properly trained to assist with finances, so we do not offer any bookkeeping or finance services and we’d never take on the task, just “because”.

  5. Finally we ensure our Goal Achievers have provided their expectations through their own Standard Operating Procedures and double check to ensure our work meets not only our own guidelines, but theirs as well, as that’s what's truly important.

Once we send the task for approval and can move to the final phase of the pipeline, we can successfully say we’ve achieved our goals in an orderly, timely, and professional manner.

If you’re having trouble getting started here’s the 5 most common categories of business goals to set:

  • Financial Goals

  • Growth Goals

  • Customer Goals

  • Employee Developmental Goals

  • Social Goals

Start by assessing these 5 major categories and try to write 2-3 goals for each category. Then if you’re feeling up to it try out our 5 step process and analyze each goal and break them down into those bite size goals!

When you’re ready to get started delegating those tasks, be sure to schedule your discovery call on our website for a free 15 minute assessment on how VGAA can scale your operations with a dedicated Goals Assistant

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