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Let's talk work culture

The aftermath of the last year has left behind due to COVID-19, the influx of unemployment, and the lack of job retention has sparked major conversation lately. Currently, we’ve heard a lot of chatter about the lack of candidates to hire, and largely we’ve heard it’s due to “the collection of unemployment and the laziness behind the people in our society.”

It’s easier to have the conversation that they believe individuals are choosing to forgo working to be lazy and collect “easy money” ... but Virtual Goals Assistant Agency is here to change the pace of that conversation. We see things totally differently.

The real focus needs to be on the lack of care and poor-quality work environments businesses are catering to. Yes, we understand the importance of pay invectives and bonuses, but money truly isn’t everything.

Ask almost anyone in business and they’ll tell you the goal is to “separate business and personal” essentially allowing for little to no emotion or empathy in the workplace. WRONG. This immediately sets your company up for high employee turnover rates, little to no retention, and ultimately zero employee referrals. It’s easy to step into almost any business establishment (no matter how large or small) and get a sense of how they conduct business. How many times have you been somewhere and thought to yourself “thank goodness I don’t work here”? It’s almost never because the management was ‘too friendly’ or because they had amazing customer service, or due to the fact they gave their employees extra vacation time and allotted sick days.

The power behind your business culture is everything.

The real goal and focus should be curating an employee-friendly environment. Space where employees feel motivated and dedicated to investing their skills into your company. A business where the focus is less about hiring “replaceable employees” but instead about “adding to the family”. Caring for your employees does not have to deemed unprofessional or looked over in the workplace. There are hard boundaries you can set as a CEO, while still allowing your team to see the heart and appreciation you have for their investment into your company.

Host company outings, set up team fundraisers to help fellow employees during traumatic life events, offer sick days and allow for vacation freedom, take the time to invest in the small things for your team that WILL make the difference. An employee working for the CEO who cares will devote their resources, will remain loyal to the company, and will continue to help climb the ladder to success.

Not only do you want to invest in your Owner-Employee relationships, but you also want to ensure your internal employee relations are up to par as well. Ensuring the team has each other’s backs, a culture where individuals are willing to step in to help with other’s absences, and most importantly an environment where everyone is willing to learn and grow with each other. This will ensure a successful and positive business culture.

Virtual Goals Assistant Agency believes in the power behind conducting business as a family, we set forth to ensure our Virtual Assistant dream team members are taken care of no matter where they reside in the country. We see the value behind catering to our employees and building a family within our company, while also implementing rules and regulations that keep us safe and well within professional boundaries. That’s what makes our company different. From dream team members working full-time businesses of their own or our full-time Virtual Assistants, each member is completely dedicated to the team. We’re dedicated to each other, to our goal achievers, and to leadership. Not only are we the dream team, but we’re also the inspiration team.

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