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Looking to elevate your core staff?

Oftentimes society perceives administrative/receptionist staffing positions as entry-level positions, yet management often directly perceives their administrative staff, or what we at VGAA refer to as your CORE staff, as the glue that holds the company together.

Your CORE staff is important and serves as the face of your company. They are often the first voices your clientele hears, or the first face they see, when engaging with your company. They serve a larger role than entry-level work, and oftentimes can be utilized to cover several job positions within one role, and cut overhead costs by hiring several roles. Several things are important to keep in mind when filling your CORE staff positions, but ensuring they are versatile and well educated within these four areas will directly increase the likelihood of refining your company:

Marketing skills such as knowing how to identify your target market.

Communication skills such as knowing how to talk in your clientele’s language

Productivity skills such as know how to be proactive in the workplace

Organization skills such as knowing how to have reliable time management.

They create brand rapport and build customer relationships through proper, professional business communication practices. Often they optimize your daily business growth by handling all tedious administrative tasks. They hold weight in refining your company by fine tuning operations and streamlining all processes. Lastly, they engage and communicate with all company clients (future and existing). By assisting with communication practices, marketing content, directly altering productivity by completing tasks, and providing overall organization to your business operations, they are able to completely optimize and refine your company to expand upon growth.

It is important to hire and promote these positions accordingly to ensure you are finding the right fit for your company. If you are interested in learning more about marketing, communication, productivity, and/or organization skills or potentially interested in sending your CORE staff to be trained by the Dream Team then join us at our annual Elevate your Business CORE conference. For more information visit:

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