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Managing High Intensity Workplace

Some work environments are very demanding outside of business hours. With the flexibility of being a virtual assistant, that includes being available for our Goal Achievers whenever they need. As small business owners, every thought you have may as well be about your business - and that’s OKAY. Being a business owner is time consuming. It is literally your life. You deserve a team that is as dedicated to your business as you are, and your team deserves a healthy work environment. So how do you know if you’re creating a high intensity work environment? A work environment is considered intense for a few reasons:

  1. You tend to hire ambitious employees who enjoy fast-paced environments

  2. You reach out to your employees or assistant outside of business hours

  3. You have last minute requests that need to be done ASAP

  4. You push the boundaries of your employees or assistant, consuming their personal time.

These factors contribute to the “ideal worker” standard that encourages employees to put their career above any other part of their life. As virtual assistants this pressure is even more intense due the nature of demands. Virtual assistants take on the tasks that business owners don’t want to do. Why? Because they’re tedious and time consuming. Multiply that by two-five Goal Achievers and that's quite the workload!

Our virtual assistants at VGAA - Goals Assistants - are able to be productive without compromising performance. What’s our secret? It might come as a surprise, but multitasking is not the key to productivity. Implement time management, prioritize tasks by level of importance, plan ahead, and take breaks as needed - and you’re headed in the right direction. Another common trait our Goals Assistants have is passion. Passion for creativity, small businesses, and taking pride in their work. Turn the pressure of a demanding job into passion, and you will see an overall difference in performance and productivity.

In conclusion, being a virtual assistant is a high paced, intense job that requires extreme focus and dedication. However, virtual assistants are wildly becoming ideal for business owners because of their ability to perform well.

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