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Virtual Goals

Assistant Agency

of the business tasks that you don't enjoy.

We take care

No seriously...We can do almost anything for your business from virtually anywhere!

Since 2020, VGAA has had the honor of working with 30+ business owners and non-profit founders who have invested in a Virtual Goals Assistant. We have freed up countless hours of time for our Goal Achievers by completing tasks such as scheduling appointments, planning events, creating presentations, writing blog posts and social media content, creating standard operating procedures, and much more.

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our services:

Why choose

We have highly trained Goals Assistants dedicated to curating deliverables specific to achieving your goals. Your success becomes our number one priority! 

Your time is valuable and VGAA is dedicated to earning business owners 1 scheduled day back in the calendar every week!

Not only are you gaining a valuable asset to your team, you're gaining a business bestie! Someone who can support you and hype you up in times of creative blocks!

"At Real Men Real Hero’s, we are very results-driven and Brit fits right in with that climate and our energy! She’s assertive and always gets the job done and doesn’t really require a lot of guidance. Anytime we tell her what we need to be done, she knocks it out of the park without any revisions needed. "

- Kyle Ellison

Real Men Real Heroes | Executive Director

Administrative business tasks are the tedious things that need to be done in your business but don’t require you to do them. On an individual basis, most of these tasks don’t take long to complete, but when you put them all together, the time spent on them really adds up. These are things like scheduling appointments, answering phones, managing and writing emails, providing customer service, event planning, taking notes during meetings, booking travel accommodations, onboarding new clients, maintaining calendars, performing research, creating presentations, designing newsletters, flyers, or brochures and so much more. These are the tasks our Goals Assistants love to take off your plate!


Business Tasks

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Professional Operations Assistance

Your Goals Assistant can provide professional operations assistance through services such as generating Standard Operation Procedures, assist in managing team members and their delegated tasks, and so much more. Their goal is to streamline your business and ensure your operations are running as effective and efficiently as possible

As your business grows, so do your responsibilities. We are here to support you as you take your business to new levels of growth. You need someone you can trust to manage your business the way you would do it. An online business manager oversees daily business operations, develops and implements growth strategies, trains and hires new employees, researches and identifies growth opportunities, generates reports, gives presentation, and more!

Collaborating at Work

Business Team Management

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