So you have a lot on your plate...


Here you'll find a list of our resources available to you.

Digital Marketing

Resources such as:

  • Basic WordPress Management

  • Blog Management, including writing posts

  • Editing Services

  • Filter and reply to clientele comments

  • Prepare content for webinars or presentations

  • Email Management/Filtering Marketing Newsletters

  • Creation of graphics 

  • Market research and analytics

Strategic Planning

Resources such as:

  • Assist with creating fundraiser and events

  • Help plan and organize events

  • Illustrate basic written agreements/contracts

  • Research grants suitable to your company’s needs

  • Recruitment and Outsourcing Management (source for other team members like writers or graphic artists)

  • Personal errands

Data Organization

Resources such as:

  • Calendar Confirmation/Management and Booking appointments

  • Flight and Hotel booking (traveling agent on standby)

  • Follow up with clients/customers 

  • Data management and organization

  • Order Inventory

  • Create basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)

Social Media Management

Resources such as:

  • Assist with creating social postings

  • Organize and plan content

  • Graphic illustrations and medias

  • Integration between social media platforms

  • Scheduling and preplanning content for social media account postings

  • Management of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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