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We stand on consistency, effective communication, and serving as a resource for businesses. 

We believe in the power behind our team of virtual assistants. Our Dream Team values consistency, effective communication, understanding our Goal Achiever’s needs and their brand, and being resourceful. Our Virtual Goals Assistants are students, parents, and business owners. We have put together a diverse team of skilled professionals who are passionate about working with small business owners and founders to take their businesses to new heights. Our assistants live all over the world, but we have fostered an encouraging, supportive community where we can draw on each other’s strengths and skills to help us best support our Goal Achievers.


the CEO

Taishma Council

“You’ll never understand how I feel when I see a small business owner who has every potential to expand but the only thing holding them back is the lack of reliable support.” These are the words spoken from the heart of our brilliant and talented CEO, Taishma Council. Taishma has been working with small business owners for over a decade to elevate their businesses internally from their core while giving entrepreneurs relief and more time to perfect their craft. Her superpower is using her experience of managing 20+ small businesses/non-profits to set up all her Goal Achievers for success. She has the innate ability to examine businesses with a fresh perspective, pinpoint the areas that can be improved, and work with business owners and founders to take their businesses and organizations to the next level of success by delegating key tasks to their personally matched Goals Assistant. Taishma is proud of the culture she is creating with her Dream Team of Goals Assistants and the impact they’re making in the lives of their Goal Achievers.

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A Virtual Goals Assistant hand-selected for your business needs

As a new Goal Achiever, we get to know your brand and business needs, and we determine at least 5 tasks that you can delegate. Next, we work with you to develop simple processes and procedures to smoothly onboard your hand-selected assistant. Then, we match you with a part-time Goals Assistant who has the strengths and skills to best support your business goals and be a good fit with your personality. Since Goals Assistants are the CORE of VGAA, we provide them with ongoing training and support to best assist you. Hiring a VGAA Virtual Goals Assistant is an investment, not an overnight fix. We require a 3-month minimum investment to ensure you see your return on investment.


" Mila - You are amazing. Thank you. You have so many gifts and so many talents. I believe that God is going to do amazing things through you and for you because you are deserving. Because you are worthy. And I really appreciate all that you have done for me personally, the encouragement. Yes, you’re there to do all the leg work and detailed stuff but you’ve been a huge encouragement to me on this journey so I’m extremely thankful for you and happy that you’re my assistant. "

-Kimberly Bulgin

Love God, Love Sex | Pastor

Cute Planner

Our hiring process is unlike any other.

 All of our Goals Assistants go through a rigorous hiring process and complete at least one month of training before being matched with a Goals Achiever. This allows us to know each assistant’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality. It also guides us in providing ongoing training and support to the Dream Team. At VGAA, we want our Goal Achievers and Goals Assistants to know they are part of a team that will be there for them when they need.

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Meet the

Dream Team
Webster Headshot 2.jpeg

Doneshia Webster

Goals Assistant

Specializes in Ghost Writing, Communication, and Copy development. 


Megan Larkins

Marketing Director

Milagros de Souza

Goals Assistant

Specializes in Website Design, Social Media Management, and Branding.

Specializes in Schedule Organization, Event Planning, and Operation.



Goals Assistant

Specializes in Communications, Resources, and Operations.


Goals Assistant

Specializes in Event Planning, Operations, and Systems. 


Patricia Manayz

Goals Assistant

Specializes in Organization, Scheduling, and Operation Assistance.

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