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What is a Virtual Assistant?

operations by using a virtual assistant

Your VA is a dedicated individual meant to provide a number of remote resources vital to your business operations. Our team of assistants each brings unique specialties to the company allowing for a wide range in the selection of services, as well as the ability to dedicate assistants specific to your demands to ensure you're maximizing your ROI. Services range from administrative tasks, technical support, to creative and digital marketing assistance, and more. 

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What do I need to get started and how long does it take?

First, you schedule your discovery call and choose a desired hourly contract package agreement!

Second, you spent a month with your dedicated online business manager who helps assess and optimize your Goals Assistant experience. Finally, you set your Meet & Greet, get to know the Goals Assistant and delegate to be great!

Then you leave the rest to us.

What are the benefits of hiring a VA?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows for your business to operate at full force and maximize productivity levels. Whether you are behind on your necessary tasks or looking to strategize and accelerate within your career path - our assistant is your solution!


How do I know who I am working with?

If you read nothing else on our website, we want you to read this. The CEO handpicks and assigns each Virtual Assistant to a company based on skills, areas of expertise, and client demands. We not only do your work for you, but we also hire your assistant by matching the perfect candidate to your specific requirements.

How will working with VGAA benefit your business?

The answer is pretty much up to you! We work with your business to determine and assess courses of action vital to the success of your company. Whether you are self-employed or running a corporate agency - we match a dedicated assistant to complete the tasks you need assistance with most! You decide how often you want your assistant's support, what tasks are delegated to them, and with whom you work with to satisfy your requirements.


How safe is my information?

We want to ensure the comfort of each of our clients and the privacy of each project we complete. We sign non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies are strictly enforced throughout our company. There's nothing to fear in our hands!

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